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We don't heal in isolation,
but in community.


Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

We only use ethically sourced coffee, fair trade or direct trade, to ensure that the coffee supports farmers and the environment.


Sourcing coffee ethically means that roasters can have greater control over the quality and social sustainability of their beans. The coffee industry has a history of using underpaid and even forced labour abroad to cultivate and harvest its products.


Our relationship with the coffee farmers is mutually beneficial and environmentally friendly. 



Our Mission

We believe that leaving no one behind means ensuring that everyone is able to fully participate in society and enjoy social gathering, regardless of their ethnicity, financial status, education level, physical or mental ability, religious and faith-based beliefs, gender, marital status, geographical location, sexual orientation, age and other socio-economic circumstances.

As a veteran-owned business, leaving no one behind means empowering people to engage in the wider community.

$5 from every bag of coffee sold, via our online store, goes back into veteran and first responder community initiatives.

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Food For Thought

We are busily cooking up a bunch of delicious ideas, so you can enjoy all sorts of exciting new experiences, ideas and motivations.


Creating delightful daily tidbits from fresh and invigorating thoughts, wholesome heartfelt and healthy recipes.

You’ll find traditional as well as exciting new ideas, fun for your get-togethers, so you’ll definitely want to stick around!

While you’re here though, check out our coffee!



Our Founder

Elaine served in the Australian army for 13 years and discharged after being diagnosed with stage 5 cervical cancer. 


She went on to have a successful career in the resource industry working in a dual trade of operating heavy equipment & compliance officer in Occupational Health & Safety.  A graduate from Edith Cowan University in Occupational Health & Hygiene, she has also worked with our Australian Defence Force Veterans as a Level 2 Welfare Advocate. 


Believing that being part of a community can have a positive effect on mental health and emotional well-being, Elaine's view is that community involvement provides a sense of belonging and social connection. It also offers extra meaning and purpose to everyday life.


Elaine believes mindfulness in the workplace is the key to success.  In her downtime Elaine enjoys triathlons, yoga, meditation, hiking, adventures and time with family & friends & of course, sipping coffee & talking about cool stuff with everyday people




We love aligning ourselves with Wellness Ignitor. It's not only the coffee that we enjoy, it's also the casual sitting at home to chat, the yoga & bringing mental health awareness into our communities. With this Coffee, we are proudly supporting a small veteran business knowing that we have also contributed a percentage of our money back into organisations that are assisting our Australian Defence Force veterans & first responders.

I also like the meaning behind the snake logo. It resonates with what some of us may be going through when we transition. I thoroughly enjoy my first burst of wellness in the morning when I drink Wellness Ignitor coffee.


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